How to stay healthy and wealthy

How to stay healthy and wealthy

To stay healthy and wealthy A health can help you throught your entire life It is very difficult to maintain to  your health becasue it is shoratge of time and energy exercise regularly and prepares a healthy food.These kinds of efforts Will play an important role in your life

Important Steps:

1) you can stay in touch with your family and collaegues

2) you should be involved in your community

3)Keep positive attitude that makes you happy

4) sleep and rest you need 8 hours of sleep at night

Most people don’t get enough sleep this is real key to good health boosts immune system this will prevent your heart disease and make your mood happy

Foods that can save your heart:

Fresh herbs:

When you add these to foods instead salt and fat you are making a heart-healthy choice Spices and other foods. are delicious way to eat heart-smart

Black beans:

Mild tender black beans are packed with heart healthy nutrients.folate,antioxidants and magnesium can help lower blood pressure.

Olive oil:

This oil is healthy fat made from samshed olives.its rich in heart-healthy antioxodants.They may protect your blood vessles.when olive oil replaces saturated fat it can help lower cholestrol levels.


A small handful of walnuts a day May lower your may also protect against inflammation in your heart’s arteries.walnuts are packed with omega-3s healthy fats called monusaturated fats, sterols and fiber.


Slivred almonds go well with vegetables,fish,chicken,and desserts.they have plant sterols,fiber,and heart-healthy fats.

How common a heart problem:

How common can a heart problem in pakistan the incident of heart disease is raising and in Pakistan it is in the epidemic from the average in UK

What can one do :

They need to monitor what food they eat reduce oil content go for mainly fruits and vegetables fat has to be less no redmeats no smoking alchols

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